AZCOSEAL is suitable for:

  • Sealing and weatherproofing porous substrates such as face brick against rain and salt spray. 
  • Providing a penetrative primer for water based waterproofing membranes, high build paint and architectural finishes on to porous subtrates or over existing painted surfaces. 
  • Encapsulating and sealing friable substrates such as asbestos sheeting. 
  • Providing an attractive ‘wet-look’ sealer over pavers, brick,sandstone and masonry surfaces.

Priming and Surface Preparation

Good preparation is essential. Surfaces must be sound, stable, dry, clean and free of dust, loose, flaking, friable material and substances that may diminish adhesion. All surfaces must be clean, dry, of sound construction, stable and free of any dust, dirt, grease, oil, curing compounds or contaminates that might interfere with adhesion. Remove efflorescence and wash area and allow to dry before application.


Azcoseal can be applied by brush, roller or spray at the following minimum application rates (increase rates for highly porous surfaces): • As an encapsulating binder: Two coats at 4m² per liter per coat. Product should be worked well into the substrate. 

Clear weatherproof sealer: Two coats at 4m² per litre per coat.

As a primer: One coat at 4m² per litre.

Trafficable ‘wet - look’ finish: Three coats at 4m² per litre per coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying each additional coat.

For best results apply subsequent coats within 24 hours of the previous coat.


The stated average coverage rate may vary depending upon type, condition, porosity, texture of the surface and application technique. General coverage rate: is 4m² per litre per coat